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El Muro
Superjo149 Actually comparing my old and new design, i must say, the old one looks like crap. :o
Superjo149 Overhauled website will be online in a couple of days, it will also include forums that i will use for tutorial posting and stuff.
Superjo149 Redesign Infinity Studio: Page #1 complete
Superjo149 Are you a Drawing/GFX artist? Do you think you are pretty good? Are you available? If so , checkout this post [link]
Superjo149 Logo variation, what do you guys think?
Superjo149 Dead sunday on enjin, last notification was 15h ago. :o
Superjo149 [WIP] Almost done with astro :)
Superjo149 Have you been lost yet? #enjin404pages
Superjo149 I must say, this is my most complex/ most worked on design yet, 4 weeks is not nothing.
Superjo149 Searching for a good drawing artist. Logo's, Images / minecraft related .
Superjo149 Damn you SEO what am i going todo with ya !?
Superjo149 Sorry guys, the profile code wasn't working properly but this had been fixed, get the code here: [link]
Superjo149 That feeling when you had too much too drink and don't remember getting into bed. F... #whatHappendLastNight
Superjo149 For those still using AT SLAYER's custom minecraft server list using Syfaro API, Syfaro is rewriting his API so you won't be able to access it for a while.
Superjo149 What feature do you want enjin to work on next? Share you opinion on their poll. (check it out, there are some neat ideas )
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