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El Muro
Superjo149 Is it me or is Enjin slow again?
Superjo149 [Update]Client area v0.3 - Code examples all the way
Superjo149 Did it come this far? Do we have to hide our codepen no from DiamondSlayer/Nero? It's ridiculous. I have nothing against people learning but stealingis not the way to do it.
Superjo149 [Updated]Client panel v0.2 - Added code examples database
Superjo149 My overhauled website has lauched, you can check it out here [link] .
yoyojonas There's nothing new here
Superjo149 Last tests before launch :)
Superjo149 Grand opening is near! :)
Superjo149 Last pages :)
Superjo149 MUAahahahaAhaa
Superjo149 System pages responsivilicious? Euh... YES! Well, almost everything.
Superjo149 C'mon enjin profiles, so messy or maybe not anymore...
Superjo149 Actually comparing my old and new design, i must say, the old one looks like crap. :o
Superjo149 Overhauled website will be online in a couple of days, it will also include forums that i will use for tutorial posting and stuff.
Superjo149 Redesign Infinity Studio: Page #1 complete
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