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El Muro
Superjo149 Too funny not to share! :'D
Superjo149 New design in the making!
Here is a 208x106 teaser :p
Superjo149 Randomly got a oneplus invite, i am so tempted tot buy one but i don't need/have The money for it :(
Anyone here intrested in an invite?
Superjo149 Just back from a week in Austria, only had 1h of wifi all week. But now i'm back available for new designs!
Superjo149 Here's another give-away guys. It's international so everyone can participate!
OnePlus One (64GB) International G...
Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we...
Superjo149 I am happy to tell you guys that my latest design has been featured by enjin. Thank you Strite for allowing me to design this ... More
Superjo149 Whoohooo belgium won again #proudtobebelgian
Superjo149 Updated my portfolio page :)
Superjo149 Annother awesome giveaway, this time you can win a unreleased moto360. (smartwatch)
[International Giveaway] Win One O...
Yes, we know - the Moto 360 isn't available yet. B...
Superjo149 Have you guys heard about the One +1 yet? It's an amazing phone at a really low price point. They are doing a give-away, you ... More
It's storming Invites! - OnePlus.n...
2,500 Invites and 1 free OnePlus One 64 GB Sandsto...
Superjo149 Yeah, belgium is gonna win tonight! #proudtobebelgian
Superjo149 Finished a new design for inglorius gaming, check em outout(they didn't launch het tho).
Home - Inglorious
Inglorious is a mature and fun gaming community th...
Superjo149 Made another tutorial now for a scrolling latest threads marque.
Superjo149 Made a tutorial on a scrolling PayPal donation marque. Intrested? Check it out, cause it's free!
Superjo149 WTF belgium, raining ice balls The size of ping pong balls? Thank you for waking me up at 2 AM and breaking 2 windows.
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